Welcome to the world of the

O.ne A.wakening eX.perience


AĀ multidimensionalĀ space whereĀ outdated concepts andĀ beliefs dissolve.

An immersive experience that lifts you into a higher dimensional place thatĀ upgrades you,Ā activates you and shows you a place beyond your current horizons.Ā 

A revolutionary spaceĀ where you awaken your highest consciousness and liberate your highest blissā€¦ guided by a unique being Arrameia Auraire Araiss.


Are you ready to

šŸ’« be lifted into a new paradigm?

šŸ’« get outta da box and in flow with your soul?

šŸ’« transform at a rapid rateĀ while havingĀ lots of fun?

šŸ’« touch exquisite parts of your soul that you did not even know existed?


Dear one,Ā if this calls you then I invite you from the bottom of my heart to join me on this journey in a safe space of the O.A.X. Patreon šŸ’—



If you don't know me yet, dear one, my name is Arrameia and in this lifetime my soul decided to express itself as a multidimensional transmission artist, visionary musician, and spiritual teacher.Ā IĀ invite you to embark on a profound transformational journey full of activations, high-vibrational music, ceremonies, art, and healing. Join us and explore the depths of your consciousness and awaken the most authentic parts of your beautiful being.šŸ’«


Are you ready to get outta da box and in flow with your soul?Ā Ā 

Yes, I am šŸ’—


Come and join the immersive awakening experienceĀ inĀ my PatreonĀ O.A.X. Space, dear Luminous Soul! āœØ

šŸ‘‡šŸ¼ What awaits you:

  • Activating Masterclasses and meditations that have helped thousands of beings to overcome their blocks and conditioning to fully shine their unique light

  • A profound transformational journey with Arrameia's very special unreleased music album that is available only for our Patreon members (cuz you are STARS)

  • Once a month you can expect an impromptu live call or a live show with Arrameia packed with storytelling, light codes and activations

  • Lots of fun and live-action singing, energy clearings, story-telling and so much more šŸ˜»

  • Insights into a creative process AKA how things are done

  • Discounted prices for all future live show tickets

  • Early access to all new single releases (including videos and more!)

  • Safe, loving & friendly community

Arrameia Auraire Araiss

Arrameia is a New York-based multidisciplinary transmission artist, high-level transformational leader and chart-topping musicianĀ on a mission to help beings on this planet awaken their consciousness and liberate their highest bliss.

She facilitates multidimensional, multidisciplinary, immersive transformational awakening experiences for conscious heart-centred leaders, creators and visionaries. She is also the founder of Astaria Ascension, a leading self-development company serving thousands of students in Czechia and Slovakia.

After leaving her career as a chart-topping recording artist, Arrameia has moved to explore the depths of cosmic wisdom becoming a Master energy healer and global spiritual teacher. Now she is bringing it all together in a revolutionary, unique and transformative way.Ā 


Let me invite you into


We are all one being going through a collective awakening experience expressed through a multitude of facets each of us holds. Have you noticed that groups of awakened souls are talking about the same things and having similar experiences even when apart from each other? Thatā€™s why itā€™s important to come together so we can accelerate our awakening journey and also have more fun.