Pure Essence track is a sonic meditation that has been created together with my very special friend, musician and healer Petr Pinos.

Cuz you're so unique, cool and awesome, I created something for you.;- ) It's a gift and I think you're going to love it!

I called it Pure Essence. It is a sonic meditation that has been created together with my very special friend, musician and healer Petr Pinos.

We've designed it to help you reconnect with your true pure original essence. To bring you deep into present moment so you can experience your unique Divine Self. To quiet your mind, to bring you into the moment so deeply, that you feel infinite and eternal in the same time. To create space for you where you can just bathe in beingness and remember who you truly are. When your mind is quiet, when it feels like the time stopped, your heart opens and your divine self takes over. When you reconnect to your pure essence, you remember your home and your bliss. I've recorded it as my Higher Self with the intention that you'll receive exactly what you need from experiencing this gift. < 3

Activate your true self 
Reconnect with your pure essence 
Remember your divine self 
Anchor in a powerful presence 
Awaken your highest bliss
Bathe in beingness 
Discover the power of your breath 
Replenish your being 
Release tension from your body 
Flow with your soul
Harmonise your timelines 
Experience deep peace 
Feel Eternal & Infinite 


For anyone who wants to experience states of bliss.
From a beginner to advanced practitioner of meditation. You'll go as deep and as high as you allow.


Ello Beautiful Being,
I'm Arrameia.

Welcome! 🤗 ✨💙✨

My purpose is to help you awaken and liberate your highest potential, purpose and power. I'm here to help you activate your unique Light, so you can own it and shine as the true authentic YOU! There is only one You, you matter and the world needs You! Dear luminous Soul, it is time to step into your power, so you can change the world as you're meant to!




Apart from love, light and information I could be described as a Galactic Liberatress of Highest Bliss, Awakener of Higher Consciousness and a Spiritual Solutionist.

Since we use labels on this planet, let's have some more! ;- )
I am a master energy healer, recording artist ( FKA Veronika Vesper ), bestselling co-author, transformational speaker and a Founder & CEO of Astaria Ascension ( platform for evolved education ).
Most importantly I change and transform all the time in many ways, but one thing never changes. I am and always have been driven by deep seated heart desire to serve, to help beings like you transform, find your power, liberate yourself from the shackles of conditioning, trauma and suffering. To help you own your unique light with confidence, so you can share it with the world and fulfil your higher calling. This desire and vision kept me going through all those terribly painful and difficult years ... but about that next time. When I make time to finish this website text :-)) and yeah another thing about me, I love, live and breathe authenticity. I don't bullshit and I don't tolerate bullshit. I am as real as it gets, in a loving kinda way ;- ) Thank you for reading and being here, you're awesome and I hope I get to meet you one day, at least virtually.
Much love.
Arrameia person


"A master healer, Arrameia excels as a teacher and healer. She brings her incredible psychic vision and drive for perfection to every session along with her incredible heart and wise spirit. She is meticulous and magical, creative and eloquent in her approach and uniqueness. Without a doubt whether you choose to experience her sessions, or her as a teacher, you will be elevated to a higher and grander version of who you are, and most likely to a place beyond your imagination."

Natasha Rockstrom
Founder of Playlight, Investor & CEO

"Arrameia is an incredible being who has helped me develop and achieve a level of clarity, perspective and self-awareness that I would not know how to begin to understand prior to my first few sessions in 2016. She has really helped me to become an even better, more sparkly, version of myself through her thorough and diligent practice, knowledge and approach to Theta Healing. Mainly Arrameia has enabled me to break down many of the barriers of fear that I held within myself; selfneglect, self worth and belittling of self to name a few. Her practice is always spot on and is truly a reflection of pure love and connection to Source, The Creator, God, whatever name you may hold. It is through her guidance and clearing that I am beginning to flourish as the person I always knew was inside. I have so much to thank her for and hold her in the highest regards and gratitudes. There is no doubt in my heart, body or soul that she would be able to assist you with any blocks, issues or worries that you may have. Thank you so much! "

Ciaran Christopher
Art director & Photographer

"I have been working with Arrameia for over two years now and have had many sessions with her. This is because she truly embodies the power of the Creator of all that is through her devotion to healing herself and others. There is no compromising when it comes to her work; she will make sure that whatever you have come to her with is dealt with and fully understood by you. Not only is she a world class Theta healer, she is also an excellent life coach who knows how to break things down as well as tailoring her expertise and knowledge for your own individual needs and level of understanding. What is very striking about Arrameia is her kindness, non-judgmental character and deep care she has for others. I will always go to Arrameia when I feel I need healing or even too discuss where I am in life in order to gain a deeper understanding of things. I don’t think there is anyone else quite like her and I will always highly recommend her to anyone that is even slightly interested in their healing and self development. "

Manager & Event organizer


with Arrameia Auraire Araiss

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