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Thanks to this replay you will 

💥 have a look at the anatomy of rebirth

💥 understand and identify the people-pleasing tendencies you may possess

💥 wake up the radical wild woman within

💥 unleash the unapologetic sovereignty and your aliveness

💥 understand signs that you've hit your inner plateau

💥 step onto a new juicy timeline 

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Radical Rebirth? 

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Founder & CEO of Permanento

I've been working on my personal growth for many years. When Arrameia crossed my path, I knew crucial moments of change were around the corner and I was right. The process of my spiritual awakening escalated into higher dimensions than I've known and I reached incredible depths with every course I undertook.

I've witnessed and experienced the sensation of pure connection with myself, in the highest way possible. I saw my soul. My whole life started to make sense to me.

Now everything is different, I  feel incredible relief, love, humility, and gratitude in my heart. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help with my awakening and liberation.



Arrameia is different. Her work is absolutely complex, naturally logical and it just makes sense.
She taught me that the only way to sort out what's bugging me is to start with the "big cleaning" within my soul. She aligned my Soul to its full potential.

All integrations flow easily through my body, without any pain or struggle. I feel that a brand new wave of energy is being formed within me, it is a truly powerful and empowering feeling.

My soul was waiting for this many lifetimes, maybe the whole eternity.

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