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This is the first part of the Radical Rebirth experience. 


You have discovered what Radical Rebirth is all about, but the real deep sacred transformation happens in the second part, where we do the initiation

and subconscious reprogramming.  




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Join me for The Radical Rebirth "Empowered and Sovereign!

Step onto even deeper level of your Radical Rebirth thanks to the profound energy healing, deep subconscious reprogramming and activations with Master Healer Arrameia Auraire Araiss.
This initiation will lead you through the deeper levels of your Radical Rebirth. 
Lifetime access granted!

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Ciaran Christopher

Art director & Photographer

Arrameia is an incredible being. She has helped me develop and achieve clarity, perspective and self-awareness. She has really helped me to become an even better, more sparkly, version of myself. Arrameia has enabled me to break down many of the barriers of fear that I held within myself. Her practice is always spot on and is truly a reflection of pure love and connection to the Source, The Creator. I am beginning to flourish as the person I always knew was inside. There is no doubt in my heart, body or soul that she would be able to assist you with any blocks, issues or worries that you may have. .

Natasha Rockstrom

Founder of Playlight, Investor & CEO

A Master healer, Arrameia excels as a teacher and healer. She brings her incredible psychic vision and drive for perfection to every session along with her incredible heart and wise spirit. She is meticulous and magical, creative and eloquent in her approach and uniqueness. Without a doubt whether you choose to experience her sessions, or her as a teacher, you will be elevated to a higher and grander version of who you are, and most likely to a place beyond your imagination.


Manager & Event organizer

I have been working with Arrameia for over two years now and have had many sessions with her. She truly embodies the energy of the Creator through her devotion to healing. She will make sure that whatever you have come to her with is dealt with and fully understood. She is a world-class energy healer. What is very striking about Arrameia is her kindness, non-judgmental character and deep care she has for others. I don’t think there is anyone else quite like her and I will always highly recommend her to anyone that is even slightly interested in healing and self-development. 

Don't mean to brag but just to those who never worked with me before, this is what you can expect

💥I've been doing this work for 30 000 years in various dimensions and lifetimes.

💥In this incarnation, the energy healing has been my profession for the past 10 years.

💥I've studied the whole Theta Healing curriculum and reached the Master level.

💥I've trained and certified over 150 professional energy healers and I run a self development school in Czech republic where I've created around 10 major courses through which we helped transform over 1000 students.

💥The way I work is very deep. No fluff, straight to the core.

💥I'll take you into a really deep meditation where we are gonna be connecting to the Source energy. I am gonna be reading the energy of the group and I'll be guiding you to the Source of "All That Is".

💥We will be doing really deep reprogramming of your subconscious mind, transforming energy, if needed then also any psychic surgery. We are gonna initiate you into new levels of being.

💥Also, in the Human Design system, I am a Manifestor, so I have an inherent ability to initiate you and activate you in a very powerful and long-lasting way.

Let go of your limiting subconscious programming

Clear energies from the death zone

Initiate the power to start your Radical Rebirth

Reconnect with your higher timeline and activate next level of your aliveness

Awaken your unique Wild Woman Codes

Experience impromptu illuminations and bespoke activations tailored specifically for the group.

Now for only $55

💥 Radical Rebirth Initiation
💥 Energy healing, activation and initiation led by Arrameia 
💥 Lifetime access to the replay granted
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Do you feel that you have outgrown your situation, business or relationship quite a long time ago, yet it is pretty tricky for you to get out of the status quo, people-pleasing pattern and other toxic behaviour?

Do you love being totally 🔥 and you know that in order to be that, you need to radically shift your energy and undergo... well a great rebirth?

Then you might be interested in my

Radical Rebirth Intensive program.💥

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I wanna learn about the Radical Rebirth Intensive ☄️
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Arrameia Auraire Araiss

Arrameia is a New York-based multidisciplinary transmission artist, high-level transformational leader and chart-topping musician on a mission to help beings on this planet awaken their consciousness and liberate their highest bliss.

She facilitates multidimensional, multidisciplinary, immersive transformational awakening experiences for conscious heart-centred leaders, creators and visionaries. She is also the founder of Astaria Ascension, a leading self-development company serving thousands of students in Czechia and Slovakia.

After leaving her career as a chart-topping recording artist, Arrameia has moved to explore the depths of cosmic wisdom becoming a Master energy healer and global spiritual teacher. Now she is bringing it all together in a revolutionary, unique and transformative way.